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FuzeX offers a smarter way to pay.

Cryptocurrency, credit, debit, and reward
payments at your fingertips.

Countdown to Pre-Sale

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The Future of Payment

Combine your cryptocurrency, debit, credit and reward accounts into one simple and secure e-card solution.

Pay Smarter with the FuzeX Ecosystem

The FuzeX Ecosystem provides real-time exchange between crypto and fiat currencies.
This means that you can now bridge the gap between your online wallet and the one in your pocket.

The FuzeX Project

The FuzeX Card & FuzeX Wallet offer an all in one payment solution that provides a smarter way to pay. Our project aim is to make paying with cryptocurrency, debit, credit and reward cards easier, faster and more convenient.

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FuzeX Token Sale Event

In order to bring our full vision and solution to market, we’re launching the FuzeX Token Sale event.
You can buy your FuzeX Tokens (FXT) with either Bitcoin or Ethereum.


12.11 ~ 12.31 Midnight GMT

20,000 ETH (120,000,000 FXT + BONUS)

35% + BONUS
1 ETH = 6000 FXT (+ BONUS)
BTC to FXT (See Below)
Min. Purchase: 500 ETH


2018.1.15 00:00 ~ 2.15 Midnight GMT

26,667 ETH (160,000,000 FXT + BONUS)

1ETH = 6000 FXT (+ BONUS)
BTC to FXT (See Below)
Min. Purchase: 20 ETH


Early 2018

33,333 ETH (200,000,000 FXT + BONUS)

Up to 10% BONUS
1ETH = 6000 FXT (+ BONUS)
BTC to FXT (See Below)
Min. Purchase: 0.1 ETH

Current Phase


Hard Cap

80,000 ETH

Token Price

1ETH = 6,000FXT

We Accept

Token Distribution Structure

Our community, partnerships, team and technology are the four most important components to achieving our vision. That’s why we want to use our FXT Tokens to raise investment, generate mutually beneficial partnerships, further develop our technology and inspire our team.

Our Team

We’re an international team of blockchain specialists, marketing strategists,
business experts and hardware/software developers.

Andrew Bae


Michael Park


Daniel Kim


Lu Song


Steven Oh


Claude Kim

Business Development

Munair Simpson

Business Strategist

Tom MacDonald


June Kueon

Partner Relations

Song Jeon

Strategic Planning

GD Lee


James Park

Blockchain Developer

Sean Lee

Firmware Engineer

Jimmy Choi

Blockchain Developer

Younghui Yang

Hardware Developer

Joshua Leeshock

App Developer

Minho Cho

COS (Card OS) Developer

Our Advisors

Dr. Moe Levin

CEO, Keynote

Ismail Malik

CEO, ICO Crowd / BlockchainLab

Kent Dahlgren

Security Specialist/ AI Developer

Chansik Ahn

Attorney, HMP Law

“The FuzeX Team strives to make all forms of currency payment
(fiat, reward, and cryptocurrency) secure, reliable, and user/merchant friendly.”

Events & Exhibitions

BlockShow Asia, Singapore

Blockchain Expo, USA

The World Blockchain Forum, UK

The World Blockchain Forum, UK

Our Partners

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